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With my help, expand your knowledge to become a smarter and savvier buyer.

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Buying is easy, buying right is not that simple.

That means buying without overpaying in the seller’s market. Here is how I can guide you through the smartest purchase of your life.

What makes me unique?

Exploring neighborhoods

Not sure about which area to buy? I will personally be your private city guide. We would go explore all potential neighborhoods. I’ll let you know the pros and cons for each of them so you are sure it is the right fit for you.

Get mortgage ready

My years as a mortgage specialist allows me to have a great network of mortgage brokers. More importantly, I know all the significant programs out there. So no matter if you are self-employed, a new immigrant, have bad credit or in need of any creative financing, I can guide you to the right person or program.

Setting up email alerts

I’ll set up email alerts in Centris. Each time a property matches your criteria, you will receive an email instantly with a link to that property. This will save valuable search time.

Finding valuable intel

Each time we find a property you would like to put a promise to purchase on, depending on what is accessible, I’ll search for this intel:

  • sold comparable listings
  • seller’s mortgage financial status
  • any legal mortgage lien
  • previous transactions history
  • past seller’s declaration and MLS listing
  • seller’s profile
Preparing, presenting and winning the offer

When possible, to make sure we put chance on our side, I’ll present our offer in person to the seller’s side. This way our offer will be presented in the best conditions as possible.

My services are not limited to the actions above; I’ll do what is necessary to make your transaction a success. That is why, my clients can reach me 7 days a week, even on holidays.

So if you are looking for a mentor, coach and your next BFF in real state to help you make the smartest purchase of your life, give me call.

(514) 571-2221