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Everyone can sell a property. Only a few people can do it right.  

Doing it right can mean selling it fast for top dollar or taking your time to find the right buyer to match your values or personal wishes. It is not always about money!

With my years of experience in the real estate industry, I believe there is no short cut to sell your house right. It is more a sum of all the efforts put in that will create the result that you are looking for.

What makes me unique for sellers?

Free home evaluation

My free home evaluation with no obligation is completed in 3 easy steps

Create custom marketing plan

Even if we have the right price, not thinking ahead of each step of our master plan would be a mistake. So we need to create a custom marketing plan that suits your goals. Once each of the elements is thought through, we decide when to put it in action.

Visits done right

I prefer to be present at each visit. First, to make sure the house is presented in the best way possible. Second, to have an eye on the most valuable asset that you have. Lastly, which the most important, gather intel for future negotiation with the buyers to make sure you can get top dollar out of them.

In-depth advice

All along the process, I’ll be able to guide you on everything related to the real estate industry. From finance and mortgage questions to the rule of the Regis du lodgement or anything in between. So make sure to ask me as many questions as you need.

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