My background

In elementary school, I was the kid that took the Monopoly board game way too seriously. I knew the importance of knowing the rules, the value of each property, the value of mortgaging, the importance of timing, the basic concept of negotiation and above all, how to manage my money! I wasn’t the most pleasant player but, I was really good at it. Even as a kid, I played the game as if we were using real money.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in finance, I worked as a personal banker, a mortgage broker specialist, invested in real estate and finally created a few start-up ventures. Time flies by so fast! After years of running my own businesses, I still didn’t feel fulfilled in my job. I wasn’t sure what exactly, but I knew that I needed to find that missing “it” factor to make me truly happy.

One day, as I was discussing complex strategies with a professor, he told me that I was patient and very good at simplifying important information. These attributes could help me become a great teacher someday, if I wanted to. Lightning struck and made me think about teaching. I do enjoy sharing my knowledge with everyone. Becoming a teacher was not something that I truly wanted. On the other hand, sharing and giving advice about the financial and real estate world was always something that I truly loved doing. Later in life, I realised that becoming a real estate broker combined all of that.

Even though, the answer was clear to me now, back then, I felt that becoming a Realtor would be a step down in terms of having a successful career. According to popular belief, real estate brokers don’t have a great reputation. Most of the population still feel that a Realtor’s main job is putting a sign up and taking people’s money. So for those two assumptions, I put that possibility on ice.

Being a Real Estate Broker

A few years later, not feeling fulfilled about my current job situation, I decided to go ahead and become a real estate broker. This was the single best decision I made in my life! People tend to have a misperception of Realtors in general, but I told myself that I could change people’s perception about the industry. I can make a difference, and I would do it one client at a time.

Today, utilizing my extensive background in finance, work experience and love for sharing the know-how of the industry, I have been able to make the most novice clients become smarter savvy buyers, sellers and investors. I wake-up every day and am excited about what waits ahead for me doing what I love best: my job. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my clients applying my concepts and achieving success in their own way.  It puts a smile on my face, every single time.

So if you’re looking for a Realtor that is passionate about his job and takes time to properly advise his clients, then I’m the Realtor you are looking for. You never know, we might be able to master Monopoly in the real world together! 

(514) 571-2221